I find a reason to go to the Vegas Strip every couple of years. It's the only place my entire family consistently vacations with nary a squabble - Everyone's too busy having fun! :) If you haven't been, don't accept too many of those free/cheap alcoholic drinks - They're just there to get you drunk enough to exercise poor judgment in the gambling department i.e. to get you to lose money to those exquisite casinos offering you the plethora of drinks via lovely hostesses dressed like Rockettes.

Do take in the breathtaking shows like Cirque du Soleil that is executive-produced by The Lost World's Michael Sinelnikoff, often significantly less expensive than the same performances elsewhere e.g. Toronto's O'Keefe Centre. Listen to some hotels' superstar-quality cover bands for free - My favorite is Area 51 at The Sahara. And enjoy the spectacular 3- to 5-star buffets within the hotels complete with prime steak, shrimp, all-you-can-indulge desserts, and non-alcoholic beverages for well under $10! The earlier in the day, the less expensive the buffet and there's a generous time-frame before the employees start looking at anyone cross-eyed for chowing down non-stop.

The exterior and interior architecture of the hotel-casinos is amazing. In particular check out Siegfried & Roy's white-tiger habitat at The Mirage (from the outside of the glass!), the nightly fireworks over the pirate's ship at Treasure Island at The Mirage, the man-made canal at The Venetian, the tropical birds at The Tropicana, the wedding chapel at The Excalibur, the observance tower at The Paris, and the bridge of our favorite starship, The Enterprise at The Las Vegas Hilton!

Most recently I was interviewing extreme Wresting Federation (XWF) stars for a TV news network where I freelance and was fortunate to experience some excitement reserved for this Chinyere.com exclusive. First I met with the Kiss Dragon in his full regalia, towering over 7 feet tall! So I finally asked him just how tall those platform boots are and he responded, "The answer for a kiss." So I thought about it for - duh - the quickest two seconds ever i.e. I IMMEDIATELY planted one on him. I mean, he's adorable i.e. charming and hot! Well, the Kiss Dragon's battle-boots are custom-made and a full foot tall. ;)

So everyone can appreciate this for the remarkable accomplishment it is to stand, walk, and further put on a good show of a fight on those things in good humor: After a lifetime of practice, I can't handle wearing a heel more than a third of that height regardless of whether it's a stiletto or a wedge. Pamela Anderson wore "only" 6" heels for V.I.P.

Later I attended a private XWF celebration where I dragged my friend, Matt Romano (who made the Las Vegas trip to help me pitch Altered: Sanctuary to some TV executives there), and my mom onto the dance floor. I should have bet on the long shot because my mom (who's only 18 years older than me, mind you and accumulated a lot of practice shimmying in heels when she modeled for Estee Lauder product launches way - Forgive me, Mom - way back in the day) was still energetically grooving to the music while Matt and I (despite still being only semi-retired from international dance competitions) were trying to recover with some drinks!

The icing for the evening was when a wrestling celebrity (whom I promised not to name) suggested to Mom, "Why don't you lose BuffBoy (Matt) and J Lo (me) so you and me can escape to a quiet dinner?!" I was like, "Dude, that's my mom, I'm more Shannon Lee than J Lo, and my dad's from the trigger-happy state -" He completed the sentence, "- Texas... 10-4," and chuckled good-naturedly with us. During the weekend, a Naked News (UK cable show where beautiful people strip as they report the news) anchor flirted repeatedly with Matt, the trip highlight for him!

I've got dibs now on the term, "BuffBoy" for the original TV series I'm developing, Altered: Sanctuary! ;)

Viva Las Vegas, America's playground - You never know whose boots your shoulders will run into.

- SC.