Links to Awesome Wallpapers on the Web:

Art of Rebekah Lynn at SouthWind
excellent XWP artistic wallpaper gallery and other art by Rebekah Lynn at SouthWind

Hudson Leick as Callisto/Angel Callisto

XWP comforts Gaby

Chakram against a fiery sky

Callisto - finding the trouble she's sought

Lucy Lawless as Xena the Violent & Blonde Beauty Contestant

This links, to Xory's library of about 500 photographic wallpapers, many rare, and to Xory's much smaller, but neat, 2-page collection of artistic wallpapers, totaling the most tremendous anthology of Xena wallpapers we've ever seen (and we've seen virtually all).

So don't be thrown by the epitaph at the top of these Xory pages which begins, "In Moratoriam..." and ends, "Killed by its creators on the Ides of March" - in reference to Season IV's pseudo-finale, "Ides of March," in which Xena & Gabrielle met particularly disturbing, violent deaths.

This seems to have mega-ticked off the talented Xory. (And we don't blame him.) In any case, Xory's pages are so bountiful that NBC Interactive maintained them for years despite the ongoing presence of such epitaph on top. So scroll straight down to the thumbnails and you're good to go!

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