* Todd's Costumes: featured in the Sports Illustrated 2001 Swimsuit Issue

* SCA's Merchant Webring: The SCA is the Society for Creative Anachronism, the foremost organization of researchers and re-enactors of pre-1600s European history: the term, "meets SCA standards" is attached to many modern heroines' armor (in addition to liability release forms so don't go battle-crazy!)

Wilson's Leather, especially their Maxima line, has produced many effective replicas including the Cleopatra 2525 team's bustier, Buffy's, Dark Angel's, The Raven's, Captain Lili Marquette's, CEO Renée Palmer's, and Relic Hunter's leather jackets

Opp.'s to Wear Your New Ancient Threads:

* The SCA has numerous re-enactment events and tournaments: To compete in tournaments you must be a member but anyone can attend: Some events have admission fees: Check for events/tournaments by region (kingdom) and you may end up competing across kingdoms: Categories include Equestrian, Archery, Armored Combat, and Rapier Combat

Society for Creative Anachronism events such as the Cloisters Medieval Faire are open to the public free of admission-charge

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