Now with 18 years' experience in kickboxing within action & sci-fi, Matthias' Hues first film came when he was handpicked from a gym to replace Jean-Claude Van Damme as the villain in "No Retreat, No Surrender". Mr. Hues had just arrived to sunny California. For those who may try to be discovered at the same gym, it was Gold's in Venice, California. But Mr. Hues stood out because of his hard-earned physique so be ready to spend a lot of time there pumping iron too. More specifically the scout, from Seasonal Films, asked the gym's manager if there was anyone special in there who could substitute for The Muscles From Brussels and the manager referred the scout to Matthias Hues. So also be prepared to be charming as Mr. Hues is gracious or no one will be as likely to point in your direction on a fortuitous day.

Now some years later, Matthias Hues is slated to be the hero, Andrew Smith, in Very Special Agents, an Action-Sci-Fi TV project about fallen angels at war. There's good angels like Andrew who was Archangel Michael before falling from heaven and there's bad angels, those belonging to Lucifer's legions, including vampires.

SC: What helps you get into character?

MH: Being on the set, in wardrobe, and interacting with the other characters, along with imagination about the characters' goals, fears, weaknesses, strengths, and instincts. Also fantasizing about the answers to Who? What? Where? and who my character loves and hates.

SC:Why have you chosen the films and roles you have such as: "I Come In Peace", "Cyberzone", and "Digital Man" respectively as an alien drug-dealer of illicit endorphins, a droid-gunner, and an android?

MH: I like angels and people who fight for the right thing, mysterious, hidden identies, pain of long lost love, and cool characters like bikers!

SC:What do you think the audience will enjoy most about Very Special Agents?

MH: I believe the series will appeal to a lot of people because of the martial arts, mostly with swords, fine-tuned action, and jumps to the past before the world as we know it, as well as good vs. evil including fights with Lucifer, gargoyles, and the entire army of darkness!!

(1st print: 8/26th/2002)

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